Antique W.B. Cooke Engraving of Wheston Cross in Arden, Ontario for sale


Antique W.B. Cooke Engraving of Wheston Cross. A splendid engraving of Wheston Cross in Derbyshire, England etched by W.B. Cooke after a drawing by F.I. Chantrey. Copper plate work originally published around 1820. Mounted and framed, including the title and plate mark. It is delicately and expertly executed in four colour. It is in very good condition with no damage to the plate itself, only a minor crease in the matte which is barley visible.
About Wheston Cross*
The cross in this engraving is a standing cross, a free standing upright structure. They were usually constructed out of stone and were mostly erected during medieval times (mid 10th-16th century). They served a variety of functions, in churchyards as stations for outdoor processions, and elsewhere within settlements as places for preaching or penance. The Wheston Cross is very well preserved and is a beautiful example of a simple limestone cross with a decorated cross-head. It dates to the 14th or 15th century. (Source:
About the Artists
W.B. Cooke: 1775-1855. Engraver of landscapes, publisher, print seller in London.
F. I. Chantrey: 1782-1841. English sculptor and artist.
Framed: 12 3/4″ width x 14 3/4″ length
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